Senior Wellbeing

In the senior years, developing resilience and sustaining the effort to strive and develop skills can be just as important as talent or ability. At CCGS senior students experience appropriate challenges so they can ‘fail forward’ and develop the grit and persistence to learn at their capacity, personally and academically.

Wellbeing for senior students at CCGS

Director of Wellbeing 7 to 12

The Director of Wellbeing 7 to 12 is a dedicated resource, expertly qualified to support the wellbeing needs of our older students. They form part of the senior leadership team and work closely with the Head of Middle , Head of Senior College and our school psychologists to ensure a holistic and balanced approach for all. 

Transitioning to senior school 

A smooth transition to senior school is ensured through a fun getting to know you day and pairing up with buddies, so there are lots of opportunities for different personalities to find shared interests. House Coordinators play a key role in ensuring new students settle in. In this article Steven Bennett, Deputy Headmaster, gives his Top Tips for Transition to Year 7.

In their final year of schooling, students are taken to an off-site orientation retreat that focuses on holistic wellbeing activities designed specifically to support and develop skills in resilience, goal setting and stress management.

House Coordinators

House Coordinators are the go to ‘guardian angels’ who look after the wellbeing of senior students and are the first point of contact for parents. Middle House Coordinators get to know what makes students tick in the adolescent Years 7 to 9. The Senior College House Coordinators take over for a fresh start in Years 10 to 12 and are expert in the broader challenges facing emerging young adults.

Over time House Coordinators develop deep knowledge of each student’s learning style and wellbeing needs. They act as advisors and mentors and aim to ensure personal growth and academic success.

Academic wellbeing is a key element of happiness at school and House Coordinators review termly Personal Learning Profiles (PLPs) to quickly identify those as risk and contact parents if there is any cause for concern. Parents can request a PLP at any time and the House Coordinator will contact teachers and gather the necessary feedback.


Leadership through service creates a powerful sense of purpose and connection. We offer senior students increasing opportunities to experience the best source of happiness through giving, volunteering and helping others.