We Will Rock You

Killer Queen performing on stage

Across four incredible nights, over 140 students from Years 7 to 12, along with 15 skilled staff, rocked the Performing Arts Centre with the CCGS production of ‘We Will Rock You’, the musical by Queen and Ben Elton.

The energetic and futuristic performance brought to life the smash hit songs from super group Queen, and had the audience singing, clapping and dancing along throughout. While Freddie Mercury and the band’s vocals are no mean feat for anyone to attempt, the lead performers and ensembles did an incredible job of delivering the complex harmonies. The band ensured the sounds of smash hits like ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Killer Queen’ could be heard across Erina Heights.

Two students acting on stage

An intricate and energetic choreography of dancers reflected the eccentric rock elements of the score, and moments of robotic and orderly movement shifted to a wild and fun chorographical style as the show progressed. The energy and enthusiasm of all performers was equally matched by the bright, eclectic costumes, sets and props. Reflecting not only the futuristic setting of planet earth 300 years from now, but also drawing inspiration from some of the greatest rock and pop performers of history and the fashion that has accompanied the music genres of the past several decades.

Originally scheduled for 2020, but cancelled due to COVID, many of the senior students involved in the production were younger members of the cast back when the production was first attempted. The pride in watching them perform was felt by all and many rave reviews were received in the days following.

Girl with sunglasses and hand raised on stage