Shrek the Musical Jnr

Shrek standing in front of other characters

Is someone peeling onion layers? No, it’s just the funny, charming and clever Junior production of Shrek the Musical Jnr that has us crying with laughter!

Think typical fairytale characters turned upside down: a scary ogre as our hero, a not so princess-y princess and a motor-mouth donkey with attitude. Combine this with outstanding costumes, a stellar cast and throw in some potty humour for good measure, and you have yourself a fabulous time!

The high energy show was not only entertaining but was a wonderful celebration of difference and diversity.

Girl dressed as the dragon from Shrek

Mrs Rita Boys-Smith, Head of Junior said, "I am sure everyone who had the privilege of seeing Shrek Jr The Musical last week would agree that it was high energy, oozing with positivity and if you weren't up and dancing by the end of it, you definitely had a huge smile on your face as you left the theatre."

Added Mrs Boys-Smith, "The change and growth in the student's confidence, relationships, and care for each other from the start to closing night have grown immensely."

What was the verdict from the show's toughest critics, our visiting preschool audiences?

One preschooler said, “I loved the dancing, and costumes and the songs. But I really enjoyed all the dance moves and dancing at the end!”