Holistic Education

We are a comprehensive independent school and our holistic education builds the whole person’s capacity and motivation to give of their best, including reaching their academic potential.

It’s a fascinating responsibility to nurture tomorrow’s thought leaders, creators and community achievers.

There are so many ways to pirouette, play, scrum, study, sing, travel, calculate, create, or code your way to fulfillment. Lots of ingredients, experiences and opportunities combine to create the magic mix for each individual to discover their physical, social, academic and emotional potential.

Our educational years are an adventure that build not only our character but our impact on the world around us. CCGS offers the space, freedom and broad balance of opportunities for every student to dream and find their tempo.

Ours is a caring community that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and their individual pathway. We guide students to take increasing responsibility for their academic learning, behaviour, relationships and school environment. We understand that emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy and social development are lessons that last a lifetime.

Holistic education at CCGS

Explore some of the strands of a CCGS balanced education:
  • Wellbeing programs that create connected relationships, resilience and a healthy lifestyle
  • The character and leadership that grows from serving others
  • Our rich and comprehensive Junior Curriculum made inspirational by specialist teachers
  • The wide range of course choices in our Senior Curriculum that create a fulfilling study path